Group Counseling

If you have questions about any of these programs, please call or email the counselors who are listed at the end of each program description or call us at (253) 939-2202. Please note, space is limited, so call today!

Wigglers & Wanderers

Wigglers (co-ed, ages 5-6) & Wanderers (co-ed, ages 7-9) are meant to provide a safe place for children to experience feelings and learn new, effective and appropriate methods of handling these emotions. This is accomplished through age-appropriate sharing, art, and play therapy in a group setting. Social skills and anger management techniques are the focus of both groups.

Wigglers & Wanderers are intended for restless and/or aggressive children who are struggling with interpersonal conflicts, especially with peers and/or family members.

Wigglers & Wanderers are facilitated by a child and family therapist who has extensive experience working with children.

Contact Jessica at or 253-939-2202 for more information.

In Charge Of Me

Do you have a son age 10 or 11? Does he find it diffficult to pay attention, does he have issues dealing with anger or trouble getting along with family, friends or teachers? If you have noticed these indicators, we have a solution for you. In Charge of Me will help your son learn how to cope with uncomfortable issues, frustration and anger.

There is no need for your son or family to suffer in silence any longer. AYR’s licensed therapists are just a phone call or email away.

Contact Evangline at or 253-939-2202 for more information.

Gotta Be Me

Do you have a daughter age 10 or 11? Does she find it difficult to express her feelings? Does she have trouble maintaining friendships or calming down when frustrated? If so, Auburn Youth Resources has a solution for you. Gotta Be Me will give your daughter the coping skills she is missing and the self-confidence she needs to be better prepared to navigate these emotional pre-teenage years.

Contact Evangline at or 253-939-2202 for more information.


Chill is designed for middle school youth experiencing difficulty expressing their anger and frustration in an appropriate manner. Once your youth is able to identify his/her triggers to anger, he/she will be able to gain control over their emotions with the coping skills they will develop in the program.

Contact Evangline at or 253-939-2202 for more information.

North Star Girls Group

North Star Girls Group teaches young girls ages 12 to 16 the life skills they will need to be successful young women. Topics include Anger Management, Feelings Awareness, Goal Setting, Healthy Choices, Healthy Communication, Sexual Decision Making and Stress Management.

Contact Evangline at or 253-939-2202 for more information.

Think It Through

Is anger or frustration making your home life difficult for everyone? Do you find yourself in constant conflict with those around you? Fed up with feeling that way?Maybe you should Think It Through!

Think It Through is a group for teens age 15-19 experiencing issues with their peers, family, teachers and others. There is a better way to communicate, if you only Think It Through.

Contact Evangline at or 253-939-2202 for more information.


SHINE is a no cost safe space to talk about what is important to LGBTQ youth and their allies. At SHINE you can be yourself, meet others like yourself, do fun activities, learn coping skills for life’s challenges, have a voice in your community, get help facing discrimination and access resources to prevent or end homelessness.

Come and see what SHINE is all about, you can even have snacks.

For more information please call 253-939-2202.