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Overcoming Life’s Hurdles, Igniting a Future

The senior year of High School can be overwhelming for a young person. They typically juggle classes, extracurricular activities, standardized tests, worry of graduation, and the beyond. Combine those things with mental health issues and an unstable home life, problems and situations often arise.

Mary, 18 years old, found herself in one of these unfortunate situations. Unwelcome at home because of battles surrounding her mental health, her foster parents decided the only option left was to drop their daughter off at Nexus Youth and Families’ homeless shelter.

Contrary to her circumstances, Mary quickly adapted to the new routine. She began to form positive relationships with staff and received encouragement she was not accustomed to. Every morning she caught a bus from the shelter to her school over 40 minutes away. Her relationships with Nexus staff soon evolved into case management. This support helped her navigate getting her own health insurance and medication monitoring.

Things in Mary’s life were beginning to take shape. With consistent support and access to mental health services, food, shelter, and comfort when she needed it, she was on her way to leading a self-directed life. News in the form of a letter made its way into Mary’s hands. It was an acceptance letter to Cascadia College under a full ride scholarship! Can you can imagine the joy and anxiety this type of news would bring?

Mary spent over two months living in Nexus’ shelter before receiving news that would catapult her future. Without the continued support of donors and dedication of staff members, those two months in shelter could have failed Mary. Fortunately, she’s prepared to graduate and will take her newfound confidence with her out of shelter and to college.

Sometimes young people find themselves in our care because of life circumstances they have little control over. It’s our mission to work with youth to help them overcome life’s hurdles… addressing their individual circumstances, and joining them to lift themselves to ignite their future.



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