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Homeless Services

Too often youth find themselves in difficult situations with no place to go and no one to call.  Whether it is crashing on a friend’s couch for a couple of nights or setting up a tent in the woods, once a youth enters into homelessness they begin wrestling with a host of challenges.  Nexus Youth and Families understand these challenges and offer a variety of services to help young people meet them. From education to basic needs, Nexus Youth and Families is client focused and client driven. We believe that young people are the experts in their own lives and know what support they need; and what support they are ready for.  We are here to provide youth in crisis with a place to go and someone to call.


Supportive Housing

To access Nexus Youth and Families’ housing programs, youth must complete a Coordinated Entry for All (CEA) assessment. Please call 211 to schedule an intake, or visit this website.

Severson Program
The Severson Program is a ten unit transitional housing program located in Auburn, WA. The program is designed to help homeless young adults and families, ages 18-24, transition from homelessness to independence. The Severson Program blends housing, case management, and life skills, to assist in the young adult’s transition to independent living. The focus of the program is to further the young adult’s education and employment skills to support participants becoming responsible, productive, and independent young adults.

ACE Project (Acceptance, Compassion, Equity)
The ACE Project is a scattered-site housing program serving 8 young adults ages 18-24, and is specifically tailored to young adults who identify as LGBTQ.

Emergency Housing

Arcadia Youth Shelter- Age 18-24
Young adults ages 18-24 can access shelter 7 nights/week by arriving at 915 H St SE at 9:45pm for lineup. Doors open at 10:00pm, and guests have an opportunity to eat, shower, and relax before bedtime. Everyone is woken up at 7:00am and out the door by 7:45am with a light snack. Reserved beds are available for first-timers, or those working with case managers in some cases. We also have beds available for anyone referred by law enforcement. For more information, or to secure a bed tonight, please call 253-740-7189.

Arcadia Drop-In Center

Drop-in serves a variety of youth and young adults in the community. Direct access to case management, basic needs, laundry, lockers, recreational activities, meals and more are provided to help stabilize youth immediately. Connections  to other services throughout the youth and young adult provider continuum are also provided.

Street Services