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Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Adverse Childhood Experiences, directly affect a child’s brain development, immune functioning, and even the way
their DNA works. At Nexus Youth and Families, we encounter individuals whose physical and mental
health are significantly impacted by what he/she has experienced in life through no fault of their own. We are well known for our evidence based mental health programs. The techniques, practices and philosophies followed by the therapists of Nexus Youth and Families are evidence-based treatment. Evidence-based treatment is a precise method of zeroing in on the best course of action and treatment for a specific patient. It is used by qualified treatment centers not only to prescribe treatment for the patient, but to give everyone peace of mind that the best course of action is being taken.

Our Programs

Individual and Family Counseling

We provide individual and family counseling services that utilize recognized best practice family therapy models. Our professional therapists help families build strong, structured households, enhance parenting skills, increase communication and assist them in finding outside resources that often make a positive difference in their lives. These services may be offered in a variety of locations including our agency, in schools and at clients’ homes.

Providing quality services strengthens family relationships, which reduces youth detention, school problems and “acting out” behavior that prevent youth from realizing their full potential.

Questions about this program? Call us at (253) 939-2202. In Enumclaw call us at (360) 825-4586.

Infant Mental Health

Group Counseling

Parent Child Interaction Training (PCIT)

Caregivers know that early intervention is critical for children ages 2-9 who may experience behavior problems and/or developmental delays.

The evidence-based Parent Child Interaction Training (PCIT) is designed to strengthen parenting skills and reduce child behavioral problems. This program uses live coaching to help parents learn new skills for managing difficult behaviors. For more information on this program call us at (253) 939-2202

Play and Art Therapy

It is a sad fact that children suffer the trauma of sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect. After it happens children are confused and lost, with no one to trust or rely on.

Our therapists provide specialized play and art therapy with younger children who are affected by such abuse. Play and art therapy are often utilized to allow these children to act out internal conflicts, re-establish trust and work through the effects of trauma. Play and Art Therapy is a way to give children their voice back. For more information on this program contact us at (253) 939-2202. In Enumclaw call (360) 825-4586.