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A Safe Place to Talk and Room to Flourish

Geoffrey loves helping his grandparents out on their farm. Living with them for most of his life, he is eager for the day when he can drive the tractor on his own. He has many friends at school and here at Nexus Youth and Families too. Geoffrey has been participating

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Overcoming Life’s Hurdles, Igniting a Future

The senior year of High School can be overwhelming for a young person. They typically juggle classes, extracurricular activities, standardized tests, worry of graduation, and the beyond. Combine those things with mental health issues and an unstable home life, problems and situations often arise. Mary, 18 years old, found herself

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A Letter to You From a Former Client

To Nexus and its Supporters, In July of 2011 I was kicked out of my mom’s house and had nowhere to else to go. I stayed with my dad for a little bit, friends, and then back to my dad’s. It wasn’t working out for me so I had to

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Safe Place Spruces Up for Spring

This year, Nexus Youth and Families came together with program participants to celebrate Safe Place week and spruce up the area around the Auburn campus and Les Gove Park. Thanks to generous donations from the Federal Way and Kent Home Depot as well as the East Kent Hill Nursery, the

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